Police militarization

There’s an ongoing debate in the U.S. over police militarization, and it has gained momentum following the events in Ferguson, Missouri. This article reviews the debate and adds substantial information about the militarization issue in Canada.

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One Response to Police militarization

  1. Robert Crouse says:

    In the United States of America law enforcement is the responsibility of local government. The need to depend on other local and state law enforcement agencies is just part of our form of peace keeping. Local governments in many communties cannot staff specialized response units due to personnel limitation and funding. This has resulted in agencies having a preceived need for specialized equipment. The federal government stepped in with used military and federal law enforcement equipment to aid in the equiping of local agencies. Also, federal grants have been given for special needs of local programs and homeland security requirements. The Patriot Act of 2001 (as amened) chagned local agencies by adding a new mission – securing America. This Act is an affront to American citizens and was not needed – the Act enabled local law enforcement to become a mini Army of occupation. When Furgusion, MO came arround, and with the last national riots that were race generated in 1969 or 70, local law enforcement was not trained or equiped to handle a riot —- however they were equiped to respond to a terroist threat – armered vehicles, heavy small arms, snipers, and well trained units responded with the wrong equipment and personnel — it was all they had and what they knew. Terroist have changed America and we have to be prepared for that threat. Those protests that ended in theft and arson but, saw total restraint on the part of the terror response trained police officers – they could have responded with deadly force, that is what they are trained and equipped for, it is how they were likely to respond. If folks are offended they should be glade that in America these local anti-terror forces did not respond as equiped and trained.

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