Hiccups in Indonesia

Indonesia recently elected a reform President. His choice to head the national police quickly came under review by the country’s Corruption Eradication Commission, however. In the meantime, the current police head and the chief of investigations have been sacked, apparently for cooperating in the corruption probe, according to this article.

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2 Responses to Hiccups in Indonesia

  1. Sasa Djordjevic says:

    Recommendation for good article on rankings in police and connection with rankings in the army: good or bad practice, or should police officers have military ranks? Thank you!

  2. Gary Cordner says:

    Hi Sasa — I’m not aware of a good in-depth discussion specifically on ranks or titles. Of course differentiation/separation between police and military is highly recommended as part of democratization. The British model is perhaps the best example of different ranks, starting with constable rather than private or officer. In the US we call the entry-level position “police officer” but then subsequent ranks tend to be similar to military — sergeant, lieutenant, captain, etc.

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