Is Europe too soft on crime?

Amidst the current refugee crisis and growing backlash, this article questions whether Germany and other European countries might need a tougher stance on crime, including those committed by and against immigrants. In the author’s view, “while Europe should stay far clear of America’s needlessly vindictive policies, it now finds itself on the other end of the spectrum: excessive leniency.”

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One Response to Is Europe too soft on crime?

  1. Jim Jordan says:

    This seems like a conflict between dumb and smart rather than lenient and strict, perhaps also a conflict between a nation’s professed values and her people’s biases. I think the judge in the lead anecdote should search his conscience for embedded anti-Semitism. Firebombing a synagogue? How much of Israel’s state business was conducted there? The conflation is to my mind a signal of a hate crime. Would that the European states would borrow from the smartest of US models, the ones that emphasize customized, intelligent strategies and tactics.

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