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Ranking world police

News outlets in Africa recently picked up the 2016 “World Internal Security & Police Index” (WISPI) that ranked Botswana best on the continent and Nigeria worst. On the defensive, Nigerian authorities have criticized the index “as unempirical and absolute falsehood, … Continue reading

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2015 corruption index

Transparency International has published its 2015 corruption perceptions index, available here. (The index incorporates both public sector and private sector corruption.) Somalia is ranked most corrupt out of 167 countries, Denmark least corrupt. The other countries ranked least corrupt in … Continue reading

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Corruption in Africa

Business tycoons have achieved the dubious honor of being more corrupt than police in Africa, according to this report. Liberians were most likely to say they paid a bribe in the last year (69%) versus only 1% in Botswana and … Continue reading

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