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Bulgaria & Romania lead EU in traffic fatalities

This article reports that traffic deaths per population in the EU in 2017 were highest in Bulgaria and Romania, each 3-4 times higher than in Sweden, UK, Netherlands, and Denmark. Overall, 55% of fatalities were on rural roads, 37% on … Continue reading

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Finland is happiest

According to the latest World Happiness Report, Finlanders are happiest among 156 countries while Venezuelans are least happy. By region, North Americans (combined with Australia and New Zealand in this analysis) and Western Europeans are the most happy while South … Continue reading

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3D printing — implications & applications

This article explains how 3D printing works and provides numerous examples of its use in committing as well as investigating crimes. As the authors note, “You can purchase a basic 3D printer, which fits on a desk, for well under … Continue reading

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European burglary network disrupted

News  reports indicate that French police with Europol assistance have disrupted a Paris-based burglary network that utilized 280 thieves and disposed of stolen property in surrounding countries aided by fake documents and stolen cars. The ringleaders seem to have been … Continue reading

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Two IPES in 2014

The International Police Executive Symposium, which has been holding small conferences around the world since 1994, will sponsor two meetings in 2014: March 16-21 in Trivandrum (Kerala), India and July 27-31 in Sofia, Bulgaria. IPES conferences typically attract about 120 … Continue reading

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