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870 arrests for online child sexual abuse on the Darknet

This press release describes the results of a worldwide FBI & Europol investigation into online child sexual abuse on the Darknet’s Playpen site. Three site administrators were recently convicted in the U.S. and sentenced to 20-30 years in prison. A … Continue reading

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Migrant crisis & human rights

Police chiefs in Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia recently announced stricter measures to control the entry of migrants using the Balkan Land Route. This article reports criticism from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, citing the absence of … Continue reading

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Anti-corruption in Croatia

This case study describes the¬†evolution of Croatia’s anti-corruption agency, created in 2002.¬†It has successfully investigated and prosecuted a number of high-profile cases and won national and international respect.

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EU standards in the Balkans

This article describes efforts in Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia to adopt EU policing standards, as well as some benefits already enjoyed.

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Oversight of surveillance in Croatia

This article reports that the Croatian government has established a “council of civil representatives” to provide additional oversight and monitoring of police use of electronic surveillance, in a move aimed at enhancing transparency.

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Stolen icons recovered in the Balkans

This article reports the recovery of over 1,000 stolen icons and historical artifacts in Albania, mostly taken from Macedonia. This investigation and others demonstrate growing cooperation among Balkan states with assistance from Europol and Interpol.

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