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Interpol abuse by authoritarian regimes

This article reports the 3-week jailing in Cyprus of a Russian anti-corruption activist due to an Interpol “diffusion notice.” A political associate of a Putin opponent, he had been accused of stealing a $3 campaign poster outside Moscow, after which … Continue reading

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Godfathers corrupting Cyprus

This article reports growing power of organized crime in Cyprus, with increased influence over police and politics. Godfathers who control “nightlife, illegal betting, prostitution, drug trafficking, protection rackets and sex trafficking” pass as eminent businessmen. According to a former justice … Continue reading

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50-year peacekeeper reunion

This brief article notes the 50-year reunion of 79 police peacekeepers who served in Cyprus 1964-1967, which included  a contingent of 20 police from New Zealand.

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Stolen art & antiquities

This article mentions an interesting proposal to create a Museum of Disputed Art in order to display and properly maintain recovered treasures. Currently, processes under international law are very slow so recovered art and antiquities sit in warehouses for many … Continue reading

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