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UN awards for tackling environmental crime

This press release recognizes award-winning enforcement initiatives tackling transboundary environmental crime in China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. The announcement notes that environmental crime “is now the fourth largest illegal crime after drug smuggling, counterfeiting and human trafficking” … Continue reading

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Better interviewing & interrogation

Here’s an interview with a Norwegian former homicide investigator who has studied suspect interviewing techniques around the world and applied them during his police career, starting with the UK’s PEACE model and adding strategic elements. The key is to foster … Continue reading

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UN course for female senior officers

This article reports a Female Senior Officer Command Development Course being held in Malaysia to help prepare women for command roles in UN police missions around the world. It is the second of four offerings of the course, with the … Continue reading

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Police on the defensive in Vietnam

This article describes the plight of traffic police in Vietnam, widely regarded as corrupt and also widely ignored by motorists. The advent of social media has brought them even more criticism, along with some degree of sympathy and support.

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ASEAN traffic police meet

This article reports a 2-day meeting of traffic police from eight ASEAN nations aimed at increasing cooperation related to driver licensing, accident data, and similar matters. The attendees agreed to meet annually; similar technical working groups are encouraged by the … Continue reading

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Investigation reforms in Vietnam

Vietnam has made several positive changes to police procedures for criminal investigation, according to this report from Human Rights Watch, but over-reliance on ill-trained commune police and restrictions on defense attorneys remain problematic.

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Religion police

This international review identifies 17 nations with police that enforce religious norms, all located in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. These nations represent about 9% of the world’s countries.

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