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Interpreters needed

This blog post from the UK expresses the skepticism of front-line officers regarding evidence-based policing and the current push to infuse a stronger academic orientation in police development and promotion schemes. Attending a conference, the constable notes “On more than … Continue reading

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EU oversight of Europol

The European Union recently created a Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) to provide more systematic legislative oversight of Europol. This policy paper describes the new arrangement and makes recommendations to help the scrutiny group work efficiently within the complicated EU … Continue reading

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Quick response in London

This commentary provides some context to the quick and effective police response to Saturday’s terror attack in London. It also identifies reasons why such attacks are increasingly difficult to intercept and prevent.

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Direct entry as detective in London

This article reports that the London Metropolitan Police, departing from traditional practice in the UK, is recruiting for direct entry as detective without starting as uniformed constable. The agency has 600 detective vacancies. New hires will undergo 18 weeks of … Continue reading

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Why stopping terrorism is so difficult

This article by the director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism succinctly summarizes what has been learned from analysis of every terror attack in the world since 1970 — 156,000 attacks committed by … Continue reading

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O’Toole to lead review of Gardai

This article reports that Kathleen O’Toole, current police chief in Seattle in the U.S., will lead a “root and branch” review of the Gardai as chair of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland. O’Toole previously served as … Continue reading

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Knife crime surges in London

This article reports 11 stabbing murders in London over a 2-week period. Police have initiated a special task force, arresting more than 50 knife-crime suspects every day and seizing more than 1,000 edged weapons.

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