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World Class Policing

Initial World Class Policing awards were recently announced as reported here. The awards “reflect that effective modern day policing requires partnership and collaboration, whether in teams of officers and staff; collaboration between forces; multi-agency operations; wider public sector involvement; and … Continue reading

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Bombings in Sweden

Sweden has experienced 100 bombings this year, including 30 in the past 2 months, as reported here. Miraculously, no one has died in the bombings, leading an analyst to say “We’ve been incredibly lucky. You just don’t usually have that … Continue reading

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London Met building online services

According to this article, London’s Metropolitan Police plan to create “the world’s biggest online police station” to serve the British public. Services to be offered include online crime reporting, updates on cases, and submission of anonymous tips. The National Police … Continue reading

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Football (soccer) league supporting research on crowd management

The English Football League is working with academic experts and police on a new initiative to improve crowd management, as reported here. The aim is “to develop research-led and innovative approaches to crowd safety and security.” An expected side benefit is … Continue reading

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French police hold “anger march”

Thousands of police have marched in Paris “to protest low wages, long hours and increasing suicides in their ranks,” as reported here. In the first such mass demonstration in nearly 20 years, police also cited “inadequate equipment and repeated exposure … Continue reading

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Global cyber fraud

This article reports charges against nearly 300 people for cyber fraud and seizure of $3.7 million. Authorities arrested 74 people in the U.S. and 207 in other countries, including 167 in Nigeria, 18 in Turkey and 15 in Ghana. The … Continue reading

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Psychological phenomena affecting investigations

The International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Innocence Project offer 7 videos here, each one 4-5 minutes long, explaining psychological factors that can negatively affect criminal investigations and the ensuing legal process. Topics include confirmation bias, tunnel vision, … Continue reading

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