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ASEAN counter-terror weaknesses

This article notes increasing Islamic State terrorist activity in Southeast Asia and identifies several structural and practical impediments to developing an effective regional response through ASEAN, including slow processes, lack of practical action, and unresolved border disputes. Advertisements

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High praise for Singapore police

According to a 2016 survey, 88% of Singapore residents feel their police provide high-quality service. General safety and security was rated good or very good by 92% of survey respondents.

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Aseanapol links strengthened

This article reports that the Aseanapol nations have signed a Protocol for Crisis Management that will increase information sharing during critical incidents such as terrorism. Adoption of the protocol¬† is considered an important step as it was considered but tabled … Continue reading

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Beefing up Aseanapol considered

This article reports that Asian ministers recently considered creating a Europol-style regional agency, mainly to enhance capabilities for preventing and investigating cyber crime. No short-term decisions are expected while discussion and planning continue.

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Internal security and police index

Here’s a new “World Internal Security and Police Index” that rates and ranks countries based on “four domains of internal security: capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.” Singapore gets the highest rating, Nigeria the lowest.

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Mexicans making meth in Nigeria

This article reports the arrest of four Mexicans in Nigeria in conjunction with a raid on an industrial-scale “super lab” manufacturing methamphetamine. The illegal drugs were reportedly destined for sale in Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia.

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2015 corruption index

Transparency International has published its 2015 corruption perceptions index, available here. (The index incorporates both public sector and private sector corruption.) Somalia is ranked most corrupt out of 167 countries, Denmark least corrupt. The other countries ranked least corrupt in … Continue reading

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