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Police corruption in Chile & Ecuador

This article reports recent police corruption scandals in Chile and Ecuador, two Latin American countries generally regarded as less corrupt and more professional than others. Increased drug trafficking is one possible contributing factor, although current incidents have been mainly internal … Continue reading

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Best and worst in Latin America

This column from Insight Crime rates police in Latin American countries on public trust and perception of involvement in crime based on data collected in 2012. Police in Chile and Panama rate best, Honduras worst. Nicaragua’s situation is unusual, with … Continue reading

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Department of Bribery

The Brazilian company Odebrecht had a “Department of Bribery” that paid almost $800 million in bribes over a 15-year period in order to win at least $3.5 billion worth of contracts in 12 countries in South America, Central America, and … Continue reading

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Reducing homicides in Ecuador

This article describes how Ecuador has reduced homicides substantially over the last several years. Elements of their strategy have included community policing, higher police standards, and higher police salaries.

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