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Data-driven policing for public trust

Most of the focus of data-driven and evidence-based policing has been on the goal of reducing crime. This article reports efforts in New York and several other U.S. cities to collect real-time data on public sentiment toward police. Using short … Continue reading

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Dilemmas in crisis communication

This article¬†illustrates challenges involved in crisis communication. Police in Toronto increased staffing in the city’s downtown area Thursday morning in response to a credible threat but were vague in their messages to the public, later explaining “Our goal is always … Continue reading

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Drug trafficking via Spain

This article details shifts in the trafficking of drugs from Latin America to Europe and discusses investigative cooperation between the U.S. and Spain. Smuggling from Colombia and Venezuela through Caribbean countries, especially the Dominican Republic, has increased in recent years … Continue reading

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Canada slips in police per capita

This article reports that Canada had 1.88 police per thousand residents in 2017, fewer than other G7 countries and a 13-year low. Despite the off-setting employment of lower-cost civilians, the overall expense of policing has continued to rise, reaching $14.7 … Continue reading

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Researchers in the ranks

This article reports the recent conference of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, which mainly featured current police officers presenting results from their own research. The organization, just a few years old, mirrors similar ones in the UK, Canada, Australia/New … Continue reading

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Smart tech, security, and privacy

This column reviews some of the ways that modern technology is aiding police and security in controlling crime and terrorism in cities around the world, including predictive policing, problem-oriented policing, and environmental design. It cites a recent report that “the … Continue reading

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Brexit & Europol

This column reviews the arguments in favor of maintaining UK membership in Europol despite its proposed exit from the European Union. The latter’s official position is that Britain could no longer be a Europol member if it leaves the EU. … Continue reading

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