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Predicting terrorism

This blog post by terrorism expert Brian Jenkins discusses the difficult challenge of predicting attacks. He notes that, outside of conflict zones, terror incidents remain infrequent — in 2015, “74 percent of all fatalities occurred in five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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ISIS-related terrorism 2002-2015

This article summarizes a recent report on ISIS-related terrorism through 2015. The group was responsible for over 33,000 deaths during the 14-year period starting in 2002, accounting for about 1/4 of terrorism deaths world-wide. So-called lone wolf attacks have been … Continue reading

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Police jobs in demand in Nigeria

Some countries find it difficult to recruit sufficient numbers of police, but this post indicates that Nigeria has received over 700,000 applications for an expected 10,000 new police positions.

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Women police in Africa

This article reports increased numbers of women police in Africa, thanks in part to strong UN encouragement. Rwanda has become the top contributor of women to international policing missions, and Kenya’s constitution now requires its National Police to reach 30% … Continue reading

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Internal security and police index

Here’s a new “World Internal Security and Police Index” that rates and ranks countries based on “four domains of internal security: capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.” Singapore gets the highest rating, Nigeria the lowest.

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Mexicans making meth in Nigeria

This article reports the arrest of four Mexicans in Nigeria in conjunction with a raid on an industrial-scale “super lab” manufacturing methamphetamine. The illegal drugs were reportedly destined for sale in Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia.

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GTA by Black Axe

This article reports a police investigation in Canada resulting in the arrest of 18 Nigerians involved in the theft of 500 luxury cars, most of which were destined for resale in Nigeria or Ghana. Those arrested are reportedly associated with … Continue reading

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