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Researchers in the ranks

This article reports the recent conference of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, which mainly featured current police officers presenting results from their own research. The organization, just a few years old, mirrors similar ones in the UK, Canada, Australia/New … Continue reading

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Women police in India

This column reviews the status of women police in India. Nationally, females account for only 6-7% of total police, well below the international average, and they are often assigned to limited duties. In several states the proportion of police who … Continue reading

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8-hour shifts in Mumbai

This column reports that Mumbai police are switching to 8-hour shifts after resisting change for many years. Longer shifts and lack of days off had contributed to fatigue, health problems, and poor quality police service according to earlier studies. A … Continue reading

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UN course for female senior officers

This article reports a Female Senior Officer Command Development Course being held in Malaysia to help prepare women for command roles in UN police missions around the world. It is the second of four offerings of the course, with the … Continue reading

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Using social media to counter subversive propaganda

Police are utilizing social media to “restore peace and normalcy” in the conflicted border region of Jammu and Kashmir, India, according to this article. On the occasion of an academy graduation, the director general of J&K police reported they have … Continue reading

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India considers national police university

Establishing a national police university in India, previously suggested in 2008, is back on the table, according to this article. The university would offer degrees, serve as a central repository for police data, conduct research, and develop new policies and … Continue reading

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Money isn’t enough

This column by a police commander in India applauds recent decisions to increase funding for infrastructure and modernisation, but argues that fundamental reforms are needed, since public trust is low, crimes go unreported, and conviction rates are only about 22%. … Continue reading

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