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Speed camera effectiveness

This web page summarizes a recent systematic review of the impact of speed cameras, with links to the full study and advice for implementation. The review of 51 studies across 15 countries found, on average, a 52% reduction of vehicles … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka PM calls for police university

In a speech to police leaders from several South and Southeast Asia nations, the prime minister of Sri Lanka said “the need of the hour is to establish a Police University.” He cited terrorism, international crime, and “globalization, the development … Continue reading

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Interpol challenges

One longstanding challenge for Interpol is distinguishing between legitimate criminal warrants versus international arrest notices that are politically motivated. This article reports that Turkey attempted to upload 60,000 wanted notices following its July 2016 attempted coup. The upload was blocked … Continue reading

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Predicting terrorism

This blog post by terrorism expert Brian Jenkins discusses the difficult challenge of predicting attacks. He notes that, outside of conflict zones, terror incidents remain infrequent — in 2015, “74 percent of all fatalities occurred in five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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Education & training proposals in India

This brief article identifies proposals being considered in India to raise education and training requirements for senior police positions, officer-level entry schemes, and constables. The current national government has expressed the intention to emphasize performance over seniority when making assignments … Continue reading

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Fewer chases in Delhi

This article reports a significant decline in traffic chases in Delhi, with more focus on police and bystander safety and on identifying the offender for later prosecution. In contrast to the U.S., these are generally motorbike chasing motorbike incidents that … Continue reading

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Why stopping terrorism is so difficult

This article by the director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism succinctly summarizes what has been learned from analysis of every terror attack in the world since 1970 — 156,000 attacks committed by … Continue reading

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