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India considers national police university

Establishing a national police university in India, previously suggested in 2008, is back on the table, according to this article. The university would offer degrees, serve as a central repository for police data, conduct research, and develop new policies and … Continue reading

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Money isn’t enough

This column by a police commander in India applauds recent decisions to increase funding for infrastructure and modernisation, but argues that fundamental reforms are needed, since public trust is low, crimes go unreported, and conviction rates are only about 22%. … Continue reading

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ASEAN counter-terror weaknesses

This article notes increasing Islamic State terrorist activity in Southeast Asia and identifies several structural and practical impediments to developing an effective regional response through ASEAN, including slow processes, lack of practical action, and unresolved border disputes.

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Police on the defensive in Vietnam

This article describes the plight of traffic police in Vietnam, widely regarded as corrupt and also widely ignored by motorists. The advent of social media has brought them even more criticism, along with some degree of sympathy and support.

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Palestine admitted to Interpol

Interpol members have voted 75-24 to admit the Palestinian Authority, bring the total number of participating countries to 192, according to this article. Among the countries still seeking membership are Taiwan and Kosovo.

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Under-reporting of theft in India

Over 90% of thefts in four major Indian cities are not reported by victims, or not recorded by police, according to a victimization study reported in this article. Reasons for non-reporting varied by city: “In Delhi, 30% of respondents felt … Continue reading

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Police staffing low in India

According to this article, police staffing in India is only 1 per 663 residents, far below recommended levels. Despite this, over 20,000 VIPs (very important persons) have police assigned to their personal protection, which pulls almost 60,000 police away from … Continue reading

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