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Thai police show their eyes

This article reports a new rule in Bangkok — police must take off their sunglasses when conversing with the public. According to an official, “Taking off sunglasses reduces your aggressive look. It shows sincerity in your eyes when you talk … Continue reading

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Reform frustrations

This editorial laments the failure to implement reforms to the Royal Thai police since that country’s 2014 military coup, citing recent examples of low- and high-level corruption. This editorial expresses some optimism about the Afghan government’s new 4-year police reform … Continue reading

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UN course for female senior officers

This article reports a Female Senior Officer Command Development Course being held in Malaysia to help prepare women for command roles in UN police missions around the world. It is the second of four offerings of the course, with the … Continue reading

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ASEAN counter-terror weaknesses

This article notes increasing Islamic State terrorist activity in Southeast Asia and identifies several structural and practical impediments to developing an effective regional response through ASEAN, including slow processes, lack of practical action, and unresolved border disputes.

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Role of parliament in police governance

Here is a link to a new volume from the respected Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces on the role of parliament in police governance. The book provides and compares case studies from 8 countries in Asia … Continue reading

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Third Strategic Meeting on Payment Card Fraud

Representatives of 4 EU countries and 8 ASEAN countries recently met in Bangkok to exchange information on frauds associated with non-cash transactions, including payment cards and ATMs. According to this announcement, “experts presented new and so far unreported modus operandi … Continue reading

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Lack of reforms in Thailand

This article reports that police reforms promised after Thailand’s military coup in 2014 have failed to materialize. According to a former deputy chief, “We are in a crisis. First it is the people who lost faith in the police. This … Continue reading

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