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More due process, less murder

This article summarizes a cross-national study of 89 countries that found two factors associated with having a lower murder rate — fewer young males and more due process of law. Having the death penalty or being more democratic had little … Continue reading

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Crackdown on counterfeit goods in China

This article reports an intensified crackdown in China on counterfeit goods production and the local corruption that helps facilitate it. Some illicit operations will simply relocate to other countries, but considering the size and strength of the Chinese economy the … Continue reading

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Station 6 kill squad in Manila

This article provides details about the “Davao Boys,” a 10-man police squad from Philippine President Duterte’s hometown transferred to Manila and subsequently involved in at least 62 drug-related killings over a one-year period. Police claim each killing was in self … Continue reading

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ASEAN counter-terror weaknesses

This article notes increasing Islamic State terrorist activity in Southeast Asia and identifies several structural and practical impediments to developing an effective regional response through ASEAN, including slow processes, lack of practical action, and unresolved border disputes.

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Role of parliament in police governance

Here is a link to a new volume from the respected Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces on the role of parliament in police governance. The book provides and compares case studies from 8 countries in Asia … Continue reading

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Killing OK, but not lying

This article reports that the vicious crackdown on drug users has continued in the Philippines, with an estimated 7,000 deaths so far and President Duterte promising to support and pardon any police accused of unlawful killings. Following the police murder … Continue reading

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Killing drug suspects in the Philippines

This editorial observes that 1,564 drug suspects have been killed by police and vigilantes in the Philippines during the first 50 days of newly-elected President Duterte’s term. He says he is simply following through on campaign promises, but international pressure … Continue reading

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