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Elder fraud

U.S. authorities announced a year-long “largest-ever” elder fraud crackdown resulting in criminal and civil charges against 260 defendants for defrauding more than 2 million victims out of $750 million, as reported here. The total annual loss to elder Americans is … Continue reading

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More on drug trafficking to EU

This article provides additional details on the recent EU police operation targeting mafia-run cocaine trafficking from Latin America to Europe. On the smuggling side, several different mafia clans allegedly worked together to deliver tons of cocaine across the Atlantic. On … Continue reading

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130 organized crime arrests in 2 days

This article reports the arrest of 84 suspected ‘Ndrangheta members in coordinated operations in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Suriname. In addition, “more than 3,000 kilograms of cocaine was seized in the Netherlands along with 140 kilograms of ecstasy … Continue reading

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Dutch police labor action

As reported in┬áthis article, police in the Netherlands are engaged in labor action aimed at getting a better collective bargaining agreement. They have deleted some 50,000 photos from speed cameras and refused to deploy to special events. According to the … Continue reading

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Big busts

Some big cases in the news. The site Webstresser.org, allegedly responsible for 4 million DDoS cyber attacks worldwide, was taken off-line with arrests and seizures in at least 11 countries. Spanish police seized 9 tons of cocaine from a ship … Continue reading

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Bulgaria & Romania lead EU in traffic fatalities

This article reports that traffic deaths per population in the EU in 2017 were highest in Bulgaria and Romania, each 3-4 times higher than in Sweden, UK, Netherlands, and Denmark. Overall, 55% of fatalities were on rural roads, 37% on … Continue reading

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Violence against police in the Netherlands

According to this article, there were 9,101 incidents of verbal or physical violence against Dutch police in 2017, including 147 cases in which police filed charges of attempted murder or manslaughter against their attackers. The total number of incidents appears … Continue reading

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