Police corruption in Chile & Ecuador

This article reports recent police corruption scandals in Chile and Ecuador, two Latin American countries generally regarded as less corrupt and more professional than others. Increased drug trafficking is one possible contributing factor, although current incidents have been mainly internal to the police.

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Community policing in France

This 2 1/2 minute news video discusses France’s “love-hate relationship” with community policing. President Macron has recently encouraged more emphasis on building public trust as a means of preventing both crime and terrorism.

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India considers national police university

Establishing a national police university in India, previously suggested in 2008, is back on the table, according to this article. The university would offer degrees, serve as a central repository for police data, conduct research, and develop new policies and practices, according to the initial concept.

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Money isn’t enough

This column by a police commander in India applauds recent decisions to increase funding for infrastructure and modernisation, but argues that fundamental reforms are needed, since public trust is low, crimes go unreported, and conviction rates are only about 22%. He notes that “Police organisations in India are afflicted with a leadership deficit that cannot be addressed by allocating more funds” and “Modern machines can’t undo the damage done by the medieval mindset of our police officers.”

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This article provides some explanation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash as well as blockchain, which is the underlying technology. Dark market usage, such as buying and selling illegal drugs, is estimated to be only a small percentage of cryptocurrency transactions, but their susceptibility to money laundering, phishing, and hacking is substantial.

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ASEAN counter-terror weaknesses

This article notes increasing Islamic State terrorist activity in Southeast Asia and identifies several structural and practical impediments to developing an effective regional response through ASEAN, including slow processes, lack of practical action, and unresolved border disputes.

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Bribes common in Latin America & Caribbean

One in three people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean report paying a bribe for public services in the last year, according to this article, citing Transparency International. The rate was highest in Mexico at 50%. About half of all respondents across 20 countries said their government performed poorly and that most or all police were corrupt.

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