French police hold “anger march”

Thousands of police have marched in Paris “to protest low wages, long hours and increasing suicides in their ranks,” as reported here. In the first such mass demonstration in nearly 20 years, police also cited “inadequate equipment and repeated exposure to violence during months of weekly yellow vest movement protests.” Another concern is how the government’s new pension plan will affect police benefits.

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Central police university planned in India

This article reports plans to establish India’s first central police university in the city of Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. According to the official announcement, “The university will offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses on policing, internal security, cybercrime and forensic sciences” with the opportunity for colleges from various states to affiliate with the university.

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Global cyber fraud

This article reports charges against nearly 300 people for cyber fraud and seizure of $3.7 million. Authorities arrested 74 people in the U.S. and 207 in other countries, including 167 in Nigeria, 18 in Turkey and 15 in Ghana. The individuals involved “were responsible for stealing about 250,000 identities and filing more than 10,000 fraudulent tax returns trying to get more than $91 million in refunds.” Charges included money laundering and passport fraud.

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Mexico’s gun problem

Mexico is on pace for another record-setting year of murders, the third in a row, as reported here. From 50-70% of firearms recovered by authorities in Mexico are found to have originated in the U.S. One contributing factor is that export controls have been poorly implemented by the State Department, according to an official review. Another is that weapons provided to Mexican military and police have been used in extrajudicial killings and trafficked to criminal groups. Rather than tightening the system, the U.S. administration has proposed easing firearm export controls.

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Police reforms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

This article reviews a range of community-oriented, political, institutional, and technical police reforms implemented in recent years in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province in Pakistan. The reform effort has demonstrated “strong political will to empower and depoliticize police, and to shift its focus from purely crime fighting into community service provision, including pro-active engagement of police with the community.” One result is that “community members see visible improvement in policing and community-police relations.”

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Psychological phenomena affecting investigations

The International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Innocence Project offer 7 videos here, each one 4-5 minutes long, explaining psychological factors that can negatively affect criminal investigations and the ensuing legal process. Topics include confirmation bias, tunnel vision, memory malleability, and mistaken eyewitness identification.

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Police suicides rise in France

This article reports an increase in police suicides in France with no apparent single explanation. Possible causes include extended hyper-vigilance over terrorism and ongoing confrontations with “yellow vest” demonstrators, as well as millions of hours of unpaid overtime. The government has been slow to develop effective and confidential psychological services for officers.

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