Police on the defensive in Vietnam

This article describes the plight of traffic police in Vietnam, widely regarded as corrupt and also widely ignored by motorists. The advent of social media has brought them even more criticism, along with some degree of sympathy and support.

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Smart police station

Dubai has opened what is billed as the world’s first smart police station, according to this article. Though unstaffed, visitors can complete a variety of tasks, such as reporting an incident, paying a fine, or depositing found property. The plan is to open stations in every residential and commercial district.

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Fear of crime in Central America

Between 1/3 and 1/2 of residents of six Central American countries say that fear of crime, including fear of being murdered, affects their daily lives, according to this article. Crime avoidance behaviors interfere with employment and education opportunities and are also a big push factor behind emigration to Mexico and the U.S.

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Cincinnati wins 2017 problem-oriented policing award

Cincinnati won the Herman Goldstein award for outstanding problem-oriented policing at the 2017 POP Conference this week in Houston, Texas. This 13-minute video tells the story of the initiative that tackled violent crime in two adjoining neighborhoods. Other finalists were from Canada, the UK, and the US.

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“Secured by Design” yields 87% property crime reduction

A study by Police Scotland has found that 3,000 “secured by design” (SBD) residences had 1/7th the number of burglaries and thefts over a 10-year period versus comparable residences, according to this article. Information about the UK police SBD initiative is available here.

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Palestine admitted to Interpol

Interpol members have voted 75-24 to admit the Palestinian Authority, bring the total number of participating countries to 192, according to this article. Among the countries still seeking membership are Taiwan and Kosovo.

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Under-reporting of theft in India

Over 90% of thefts in four major Indian cities are not reported by victims, or not recorded by police, according to a victimization study reported in this article. Reasons for non-reporting varied by city: “In Delhi, 30% of respondents felt that the police would not entertain their complaint; in Mumbai, 35% didn’t think the incident was serious enough; in Chennai, 51% mentioned lack of evidence; and in Bengaluru, 35% didn’t want to get tangled in police/court procedures.”

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