Fewer chases in Delhi

This article reports a significant decline in traffic chases in Delhi, with more focus on police and bystander safety and on identifying the offender for later prosecution. In contrast to the U.S., these are generally motorbike chasing motorbike incidents that take place on densely crowded city streets.

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Quick response in London

This commentary provides some context to the quick and effective police response to Saturday’s terror attack in London. It also identifies reasons why such attacks are increasingly difficult to intercept and prevent.

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Direct entry as detective in London

This article reports that the London Metropolitan Police, departing from traditional practice in the UK, is recruiting for direct entry as detective without starting as uniformed constable. The agency has 600 detective vacancies. New hires will undergo 18 weeks of training similar to that for new constables, but with an investigative focus.

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Why stopping terrorism is so difficult

This article by the director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism succinctly summarizes what has been learned from analysis of every terror attack in the world since 1970 — 156,000 attacks committed by 2,300 unique organizations. It identifies 6 issues that make counter-terrorism challenging and concludes that “Successful policy requires collecting the best information possible, honestly assessing it and avoiding over reaction.”

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Poppy violence in Mexico

This article reports soaring violence in Guerrero, a major poppy-growing region of Mexico. Drug cartels have splintered, vigilante groups have sprung up, kidnappings and extortion are common, and the government depends on the army for public security. Mexico now supplies over 90% of the heroin in the U.S.

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Governing the RCMP

This article reviews two new reports critical of organization and management of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, especially related to harassment of members. Previous reports have come to similar conclusions, leading the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission to complain that “after each new harassment scandal … the RCMP’s reaction has been to merely circle the wagons.” Recommendations for a new governance structure are under consideration.

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2017 POP Conference

This announcement is a reminder that submissions for the 2017 Herman Goldstein Award for outstanding problem-oriented policing are due by June 1st. Award finalists will present their projects at the POP Conference in Houston, Texas October 2-4. Further information about this year’s conference and featured sessions is available here.

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