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Shifting face of international terrorism

Counter-terrorism efforts directed mainly at ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Middle East will need to shift attention to Russian-speaking individuals and networks in the coming years, according to this article. Terror groups that previously resisted oppressive governments in their own … Continue reading

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Call centers raided in India

Police in India have raided 25 call centers, arrested nearly 300 people, and seized over 400 computer systems since July, according to this article. Offenses mainly involved fraudulent calls to North American victims, demanding fines or fees and claiming to … Continue reading

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POP award for domestic violence initiative

Chula Vista, California won the international Herman Goldstein Award for outstanding problem-oriented policing (POP) earlier this month. This blog post summarizes their initiative, which reduced domestic violence 23% using a tiered response based on analysis of over 10,000 previous incidents … Continue reading

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Police agency accreditation in Mexico

This article reports a first-ever conference of CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) held in Mexico. Over 30 local, state, and federal agencies in Mexico are currently engaged in the accreditation process, with 6 expected to be found … Continue reading

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529 app reducing bike thefts

This article reports that a bike registration app adopted by police in Vancouver, Canada has become wildly popular for preventing thefts and increasing recoveries. The app, Project 529, has helped reduce Vancouver bicycle thefts by about 1/3 in two years … Continue reading

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Media reaction to terrorism

This article reports a study of the roles played by mass media and social media in the aftermath of terrorist incidents. Looking at both immediate and longer-term media coverage and messaging, “The research team found such attacks continue to have … Continue reading

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Life and death of a Mexican hitman

This article from the International Crisis Group gives an inside look at drugs and murder in Michoacán, Mexico. The violent interplay among cartels, soldiers, police, and vigilantes is confusing, chaotic, and deadly — “the blurring of lines between state and organised … Continue reading

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