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Speed camera effectiveness

This web page summarizes a recent systematic review of the impact of speed cameras, with links to the full study and advice for implementation. The review of 51 studies across 15 countries found, on average, a 52% reduction of vehicles … Continue reading

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Forensic voice analysis

This article provides a nice summary of the current scientific status of voice analysis. Both expert and automated (computerized) comparisons are often used in investigations and legal proceedings, but the┬áscience underlying this type of forensic work is not very definitive. … Continue reading

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Germany eyes police & intelligence changes

In the aftermath of the Berlin Christmas market attack, Germany’s interior minister is recommending a stronger role for the national government in handling serious cyber and terror threats, according to this article. Each of the country’s 16 states has its … Continue reading

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Policing terrorism in Europe

This 5-part series reports developments in France, Germany, and the UK in response to terror attacks, including questions about arming police, using the military, and a patriotic surge of police recruits in France.

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Migrant smuggling prices and exploitation rise

This article cites Europol that migrant smuggling into Europe has gotten more costly in the last 6 months, routes are longer, and reports of labor exploitation are up, probably as a means of paying the higher prices. Smugglers are often … Continue reading

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Is Europe too soft on crime?

Amidst the current refugee crisis and growing backlash, this article questions whether Germany and other European countries might need a tougher stance on crime, including those committed by and against immigrants. In the author’s view, “while Europe should stay far … Continue reading

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UK super recognizers aiding German police

This article reports that German police have obtained assistance from the London Metropolitan Police’s team of “super recognizers” — officers with demonstrated high ability to remember and connect faces and names — to review CCTV footage of mass sexual assaults … Continue reading

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