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More on drug trafficking to EU

This article provides additional details on the recent EU police operation targeting mafia-run cocaine trafficking from Latin America to Europe. On the smuggling side, several different mafia clans allegedly worked together to deliver tons of cocaine across the Atlantic. On … Continue reading

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130 organized crime arrests in 2 days

This article reports the arrest of 84 suspected ‘Ndrangheta members in coordinated operations in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Suriname. In addition, “more than 3,000 kilograms of cocaine was seized in the Netherlands along with 140 kilograms of ecstasy … Continue reading

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Transition to local police service in Iraq

This press release announces the beginning of post-ISIL transition in Iraq from security forces to local police, prioritizing “Police Core Functions: 1) Security and Protection Management, 2) Crime Management, 3) Traffic Enforcement Management, 4) Improving Effectiveness of Local Police Service … Continue reading

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Berlin drops “archaic” height requirement

This article reports that the current height requirement for police applicants in the German capital, 5′-3″ for women and 5′-5″ for men, is being eliminated. The state interior minister said current recruit numbers are sufficient, but hiring “cannot depend upon … Continue reading

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Global gun deaths

This article summarizes a study of global gun deaths recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. World-wide, gun deaths average about 250,000 per year — 64% homicide, 27% suicide, 9% accident. The global average rate, 4 per … Continue reading

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Trafficking in Sicilian antiquities

This article reports the culmination of a 4-year antiquities investigation in Europe resulting in 43 arrests and recovery of 25,000 archaeological items valued at $47 million. This blog post provides further information on the case, which focused on Roman and … Continue reading

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Public trust in South Africa

This column reflects on the stated priorities of South Africa’s new national police commissioner and argues that public trust needs to be at the top. It notes that “For most of the past decade, levels of public approval in SAPS … Continue reading

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