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Lone operators dominate people smuggling from Africa

This article reports a new study that disputes the common view that organized crime groups dominate people smuggling from Africa to Europe. Focusing on the disastrous 2013 shipwreck off Italy in which 360 migrants died, the study found 292 people … Continue reading

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Controversy in Berlin police academy

This article reports concerns about the quality of police recruits in basic training in Berlin. Trainers complain that current students lack integrity, fitness, and language skills and some may belong to organized crime groups. Observers wonder if the real issue … Continue reading

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Role of parliament in police governance

Here is a link to a new volume from the respected Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces on the role of parliament in police governance. The book provides and compares case studies from 8 countries in Asia … Continue reading

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Politics & Interpol

This article reports growing criticism of Turkey’s president for issuing Interpol red notices against critics of his government, including journalists, causing them to be arrested in other countries and face possible extradition. The use of Interpol as a tool against … Continue reading

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Speed camera effectiveness

This web page summarizes a recent systematic review of the impact of speed cameras, with links to the full study and advice for implementation. The review of 51 studies across 15 countries found, on average, a 52% reduction of vehicles … Continue reading

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Forensic voice analysis

This article provides a nice summary of the current scientific status of voice analysis. Both expert and automated (computerized) comparisons are often used in investigations and legal proceedings, but the┬áscience underlying this type of forensic work is not very definitive. … Continue reading

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Germany eyes police & intelligence changes

In the aftermath of the Berlin Christmas market attack, Germany’s interior minister is recommending a stronger role for the national government in handling serious cyber and terror threats, according to this article. Each of the country’s 16 states has its … Continue reading

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