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Women in UN peacekeeping

This column recommends increased female participation in UN peacekeeping missions, currently at 4% for military and 10% for police. It notes that “Women are routinely underrepresented in peacekeeping operations, even though their participation has been shown to improve mission effectiveness … Continue reading

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UN police recognized

The outgoing secretary-general complimented the UN’s police leaders in these remarks, noting progress in establishing strategic guidance frameworks and improving gender balance. He emphasized the important role in peacekeeping missions played by police who are “people-centred, rights-based, modern and agile.”

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UN peacekeeping ending in Liberia

This column reviews the situation in Liberia, where about 90% of the 15,000 UN peacekeepers assigned to the 12-year mission, military and police, have departed. The writers conclude that “we must look inwards to manage what could be the most … Continue reading

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Women police in Africa

This article reports increased numbers of women police in Africa, thanks in part to strong UN encouragement. Rwanda has become the top contributor of women to international policing missions, and Kenya’s constitution now requires its National Police to reach 30% … Continue reading

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Corruption in Africa

Business tycoons have achieved the dubious honor of being more corrupt than police in Africa, according to this report. Liberians were most likely to say they paid a bribe in the last year (69%) versus only 1% in Botswana and … Continue reading

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UN role winding down in Liberia

This article describes the process underway in Liberia, where the UN police assistance mission, in effect since 2003, is due to end in July 2016.

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Police corruption in Yemen

This short report from Transparency International notes pressure on police in Yemen to reduce bribe taking. In a 2013 analysis Yemen police scored worst on corruption in their region, and third worst globally behind Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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