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Police mascots in Japan

Various institutions in Japan have mascots, including the police. This article discusses the impact of cute, cuddly police mascots on the public’s perception of police officers. The image may seem contradictory, but “Cute things — whether a baby, a dog, … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi targets #1 safety ranking

This article describes new community policing initiatives being implemented in Abu Dhabi in conjunction with their quest to become the safest city in the world, a position currently held by Tokyo. In related news, the UAE and Europol have signed … Continue reading

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Crackdown on organized crime in Japan

This article reports that police in Japan have arrested 976 criminal gang members since March in an effort to avert an all-out “Yakuza war” between two main organized crime factions. Two gang leaders have recently been murdered; a similar inter-factional … Continue reading

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Beefing up Aseanapol considered

This article reports that Asian ministers recently considered creating a Europol-style regional agency, mainly to enhance capabilities for preventing and investigating cyber crime. No short-term decisions are expected while discussion and planning continue.

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Organized crime split in Japan

This article describes a serious split among organized crime groups in Japan, one that could lead to a “Yakuza war.” Despite traditionally cordial relations between police and gangsters, there are worries that the split could lead to violence, and police … Continue reading

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Police shooting rates in different countries

In light of recent events in the U.S., this article discusses police shooting practices across several countries. Differences in culture, violent crime, and police training lead to wide variation in the numbers of people shot by police.

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Under-reporting crime in Japan

According to this article, police in Osaka failed to properly record over 80,000 offenses from 2008 to 2012, due to pressure from superiors. As a result, Tokyo seemed to have surpassed Osaka with a higher crime rate, until the figures … Continue reading

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