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Interpol abuse by authoritarian regimes

This article reports the 3-week jailing in Cyprus of a Russian anti-corruption activist due to an Interpol “diffusion notice.” A political associate of a Putin opponent, he had been accused of stealing a $3 campaign poster outside Moscow, after which … Continue reading

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Better interviewing & interrogation

Here’s an interview with a Norwegian former homicide investigator who has studied suspect interviewing techniques around the world and applied them during his police career, starting with the UK’s PEACE model and adding strategic elements. The key is to foster … Continue reading

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UN course for female senior officers

This article reports a Female Senior Officer Command Development Course being held in Malaysia to help prepare women for command roles in UN police missions around the world. It is the second of four offerings of the course, with the … Continue reading

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Outcry against Chinese police in Zambia

According to this article, Zambia commissioned 8 Chinese nationals as part-time police officers on Monday, but rescinded the appointments a day later. Critics pointed out that Zambian police are prohibited from marrying foreign nationals and that citizens with dual-nationality are … Continue reading

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Intelligence-led policing in China

This article describes the adoption of intelligence-led policing since 2004 by China’s Ministry of Public Security “to address longstanding problems with information sharing and a backward analytical culture at every level of public security.” The author observes that “New intelligence … Continue reading

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China & Interpol

Human Rights Watch has published an open letter critical of misuse of Interpol “red notices” by China. Interpol’s 86th general assembly meets in Beijing September 26-29 and its new president is China’s public security vice minister. HRW reminds the association … Continue reading

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Interpol targeting wildlife crimes

Interpol has launched a new initiative targeting wildlife crime, especially poaching of ivory, rhino horns, and big cats. Expert assistance will be provided to affected countries, especially in Africa and Asia; investigations will exploit links to corruption, money laundering, and … Continue reading

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