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Violence up in Rio, down in Sao Paulo

This article contrasts the experiences of Brazil’s two best-known states over the last 20 years. Rio de Janeiro’s homicide rate has gone up and down, whereas Sao Paulo has enjoyed a long-term decline. Experts credit Sao Paulo with sustained investments … Continue reading

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Amsterdam plan to reduce ethnic profiling

This article reports development of a draft plan by Amsterdam police to reduce the occurrence of ethnic profiling. The plan notes that “stopping people based on their race, ethnicity, skin color, language or religion” is “illegal, degrading and does not … Continue reading

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Our data, you asked

New Zealand Police has released an annual report for 2018, available here, that summarizes crime and police activity data regularly updated on their portal, located here. The report’s introduction states “Our evidence-based approach to policing uses statistical information, combined with the skills, knowledge, and … Continue reading

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Yes ma’am

Hong Kong experienced mass protests last week, resulting in riot police deployment and extensive use of tear gas. When an estimated 2 million people returned to the streets on Sunday, however, they were met by “lightly-armed officers, many of them … Continue reading

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One size doesn’t fit all

This policy brief identifies 4 scenarios with different implications for police reform in post-conflict situations. Experts stress the importance of taking local circumstances into account, but it is not always recognized — “in mission after mission … training programs have been … Continue reading

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Global coordination against transnational crime

This column by Interpol reports a meeting in Lyon of regional police organizations (AFRIPOL, AMERIPOL, ASEANAPOL, the Arab Interior Ministers Council, Europol, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – Frontex, and the Gulf Cooperation Council-POL) along with the Economic … Continue reading

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Security sector change during and after conflict

This column interviews two officials who were heavily involved in police reform efforts in Georgia, Ukraine, and Jordan. They describe how changes were implemented in post-Soviet and post-conflict situations, and even in circumstances of active conflict. International assistance was key … Continue reading

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