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Police pursuits in New Zealand

New Zealand Police engaged in 4096 vehicle pursuits in 2018, a 75% increase since 2009. Over that time, the proportion of pursuits abandoned as too risky has doubled, reaching 59% last year, as reported here. Police argue the level of … Continue reading

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Growing danger from right-wing violence

The mosque massacre in New Zealand has focused attention on right-wing and white-nationalist violence, as reported here. Last year in the U.S., 49 of 50 extremist-related killings were tied to far-right perpetrators, and the EU saw a doubling in 2017 … Continue reading

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Cops & seat belts

In South Africa, more police die in car crashes than are murdered, as reported here. For the period 2012-2015, on-duty police crash deaths exceeded assault fatalities by 117 to 93, while the off-duty gap was even greater at 71% (313 … Continue reading

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“Good catch” in New Zealand

This article provides information on the apprehension of the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attacker. Two officers from an outlying area, who happened to be in the city for a training session, went operational, spotted the fleeing vehicle, made the decision … Continue reading

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Catching up in South Africa

Some 69,000 promotions and grade progressions have been backlogged in the South African Police Service since 2011. This year nearly half have been caught up, ahead of schedule in a 3-year plan, as reported here. In addition, 5000 entry-level SAPS … Continue reading

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Effectiveness of stop & search

Over-reliance on stop & frisk in some U.S. cities has been criticized in recent years, while “stop & search” is currently hotly debated in the U.K. as a response to increased violence, especially knife crime. This new paper summarizes existing … Continue reading

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Philippine police to invest in data, technology

Philippines has approved a 6-year, $625 million digital transformation plan for police that “will support all its units nationwide when it comes to building evidence-based, data-driven law enforcement tactics and strategies,” as reported here. The initiative, which aims to prioritize … Continue reading

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