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Thieves in law arrested in Spain

This article reports 130 arrests and searches of 70 properties in Spain and France, following investigation of the Armenian faction of the Russian organized crime group “Thieves in Law,” described as “the largest and most dangerous group in Europe right … Continue reading

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Police encounters along the way

Here’s an interview with a journalist who is on a 7-year walk around the world. He reflects on the 42 times he has been stopped by police during the first two years of his trek.

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New police in Ukraine

This article announces recruitment for a new patrol police force in Kiev, Ukraine. The country hopes to follow the reform model of the Georgian experience by reducing the total number of police, replacing many, and significantly increasing salaries in order … Continue reading

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Moldova & Georgia

This essay contrasts the experiences of Georgia and Moldova, two post-Soviet countries, with regard to police reform and controlling corruption. Their neighbor Ukraine is embarking on police reform now, following the Georgian model.

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Transparency & corruption in Georgia

This news article reviews anti-corruption efforts in Georgia over the last decade, famously symbolized by new police stations with glass walls. Low-level and medium-level corruption seem to have been greatly reduced, but critics claim they were simply replaced by elite … Continue reading

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