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Yes ma’am

Hong Kong experienced mass protests last week, resulting in riot police deployment and extensive use of tear gas. When an estimated 2 million people returned to the streets on Sunday, however, they were met by “lightly-armed officers, many of them … Continue reading

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Big busts

Some big cases in the news. The site Webstresser.org, allegedly responsible for 4 million DDoS cyber attacks worldwide, was taken off-line with arrests and seizures in at least 11 countries. Spanish police seized 9 tons of cocaine from a ship … Continue reading

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Speed camera effectiveness

This web page summarizes a recent systematic review of the impact of speed cameras, with links to the full study and advice for implementation. The review of 51 studies across 15 countries found, on average, a 52% reduction of vehicles … Continue reading

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Cross-border cooperation in South Asia

This op-ed compliments police in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao for improved cross-border cooperation in recent years, citing several specific examples of intercepting organized crime groups, and also noting increased emphasis on community policing and accountability.

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Policing protest in Hong Kong

This article provides an overview of the challenges facing the Hong Kong police during recent mass protests, including fatigue and frustration. The city-state’s police have long had an enviable reputation but are being tested in the current situation.

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Hong Kong police training accredited

The Hong Kong Police College has announced that its two main training programs have been accredited by the nation’s academic council for accreditation. The police constable program is now recognized as equivalent to an associate’s degree and the police inspector … Continue reading

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New Garda Commissioner

Here’s an article about the new police commissioner in Ireland, Fachtna Murphy. Among his priorities, he says, is “to see rolled out a new national model of community policing, based on engagement.”

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