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Inquest alleges delayed police response to 2015 Tunisia terror attack

Opening statements at an inquest into the 2015 terror attack in Sousse, Tunisia allege that “police units, which should have intervened to stop the attack, deliberately and unjustifiably slowed down to delay their arrival at the hotel.” The attack lasted … Continue reading

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Police corruption undermining Tunisia’s revolution

This article describes corruption within Tunisia’s police, based on an officer’s insider account and a subsequent cover-up by higher officials. The author argues that ongoing official misconduct is undermining the impact of the country’s 5-year-old revolution, which was spurred in … Continue reading

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Regional security through police reform

This bulletin from the U.S. Institute of Peace considers regional insecurity in North and West Africa, and points to police reform as a key step forward. In particular, building public trust in the police through more citizen engagement seems necessary.

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Police tortured women in Tunisia

Tunisian women are recounting stories of torture and cruelty by police during 60+ years of dictatorship in their country, according to this article. A Truth and Dignity Commission is currently documenting all types of human rights violations. The police abuses … Continue reading

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Police reform slowed in Tunisia

This article reports that police and security forces in Tunisia are slipping back to their old ways as the 2011 revolution fades into history, using fear of terrorism to justify harsh measures and strict limits on free expression.

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Claims of police brutality in Tunisia

This article indicates that concerns about police brutality are a main issue in upcoming parliamentary elections in Tunisia. According to activists,¬†police in the country initially curtailed abuses following the democratic uprising in 2011, but have since returned to their old … Continue reading

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Police reform in Tunisia

Here’s a perspective¬†on security sector reform in Tunisia. The UNDP is establishing several model police stations and there is some evidence that policing is becoming less politicized in the country.

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