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2017 corruption perceptions index

The 2017 public sector corruption index from Transparency International,┬ábased on perceptions of experts and businesspeople, is available here. Best in the world is New Zealand, worst is Somalia. Here are the best & worst world rankings by region: Africa — … Continue reading

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Nigerians favor state police

Nigeria has a national police but has been considering some form of decentralization for years. This column reports a survey indicating that 61% of citizens favor moving to state police, a structure also backed by the country’s 36 governors and … Continue reading

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Questioning resource allocation in South Africa

Activists in South Africa have initiated legal action claiming that police resource allocation favors wealthier and white communities over poorer and black communities. This article reports the government’s defense of their police staffing decisions while this article reports the activist … Continue reading

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Analysis of suicide bombings in Somalia

This report provides a detailed analysis of 155 suicide bombing attacks in Somalia by Al Shabaab from 2006 to 2017. Over 90% of the attacks have targeted the national government and international community, rather than ordinary citizens. Lethality per attack … Continue reading

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Vigilantes in Africa

This report discusses the “double-edged sword” of vigilantes in conflict zones and counter-insurgencies in Africa. Typically local residents, they often provide better security than official state institutions but may operate outside the rule of law, plus later demobilization and reintegration … Continue reading

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Lone operators dominate people smuggling from Africa

This article reports a new study that disputes the common view that organized crime groups dominate people smuggling from Africa to Europe. Focusing on the disastrous 2013 shipwreck off Italy in which 360 migrants died, the study found 292 people … Continue reading

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Anti-corruption progress slow in Morocco

Morocco created a National Commission Against Corruption in 2011 and opened a toll-free anti-graft hotline in 2015, but concrete action has been limited, according to this article. Despite getting 6,000 calls a day at the start, the hotline has resulted … Continue reading

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