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Predicting terrorism

This blog post by terrorism expert Brian Jenkins discusses the difficult challenge of predicting attacks. He notes that, outside of conflict zones, terror incidents remain infrequent — in 2015, “74 percent of all fatalities occurred in five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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Kenya revises counter-terror strategy

This article describes counter-terror enhancements implemented in Kenya since the 2013 Westgate Mall attack, including better information sharing between police and intelligence services, more community engagement, and closer attention to border control and terror financing. The number of attacks and … Continue reading

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Why stopping terrorism is so difficult

This article by the director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism succinctly summarizes what has been learned from analysis of every terror attack in the world since 1970 — 156,000 attacks committed by … Continue reading

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Torture alleged in Uganda

This editorial calls for investigation into two recent cases in Uganda in which groups of defendants brought to court were suffering from apparent physical abuse by police, emphasizing that “it is … not right for the police to take the law into … Continue reading

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Torture, not forensics in Malawi

According to this article, Malawi police do not have a forensics lab and investigators lack training and expertise. As a result, forced confessions are common. One private attorney estimates that out of 250 murder defendants in prison, “only about 120 have concrete … Continue reading

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Drinking & driving in South Africa

Stricter penalties and limits have been proposed in South Africa to reduce drunk driving. This column argues that current laws are already sufficient though perhaps under-enforced,  but what is mainly needed is more education and a shift in social values … Continue reading

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Policing challenges in South Sudan

This report summarizes continuing challenges to establishing professional and democratic policing in South Sudan. Despite efforts by the UN and donors, the country continues to rely mainly on paramilitary units and human rights violations are common. An effort to create … Continue reading

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