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Speed camera effectiveness

This web page summarizes a recent systematic review of the impact of speed cameras, with links to the full study and advice for implementation. The review of 51 studies across 15 countries found, on average, a 52% reduction of vehicles … Continue reading

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2014 Corruption Index

In the most recent Transparency International corruption index, based on perceptions of various forms of public corruption in 174 nations, four Nordic countries plus New Zealand are rated cleanest, while Somalia, North Korea, and Sudan are most corrupt. InSight Crime … Continue reading

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Diversity among Finnish police

This story reports a low level of racial/ethnic diversity in the Finnish police despite increased immigration to the country. One major impediment has been a lack of hiring due to drastic cuts in police budgets and staffing. Another hurdle is … Continue reading

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Few jobs for Police College grads in Finland

This brief article indicates that none of the February graduates of the Police College of Finland yet have jobs, and 1/3 of the graduates since 2011 have been unable to find police employment.

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Drunk driving down in Finland

Figures show that the number of drunken drivers caught by police in Finland has decreased by about 1,000 per year since 2007. These decreases have occurred in spite of increased police traffic supervision. Reasons cited include decreased consumption, especially by … Continue reading

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