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Serbian police criticized over interrogation methods

According to the Council of Europe’s anti-torture committee, police ill-treatment of suspects and prisoners in Serbia is “an accepted practice, and not the work of a few rogue officers,” as reported here. The committee urges that police investigations shift away … Continue reading

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Big busts

Some big cases in the news. The site Webstresser.org, allegedly responsible for 4 million DDoS cyber attacks worldwide, was taken off-line with arrests and seizures in at least 11 countries. Spanish police seized 9 tons of cocaine from a ship … Continue reading

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Unsolved murders in the Balkans

This article discusses lack of progress in investigating the recent assassination of a prominent politician in Kosovo, which has further strained complicated relations between that country and Serbia, including special prosecutions going back to the 1998-1999 war. Also noted is … Continue reading

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Migrant crisis & human rights

Police chiefs in Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia recently announced stricter measures to control the entry of migrants using the Balkan Land Route. This article reports criticism from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, citing the absence of … Continue reading

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Community safety in Serbia

This brief article and linked report discuss the implementation of community safety councils and community policing in Serbia over the past 12 years. Formal mechanisms seem adequate but political support and operationalization have been spotty.

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EU standards in the Balkans

This article describes efforts in Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia to adopt EU policing standards, as well as some benefits already enjoyed.

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Serbian president criticizes police

This article reports criticisms by the Serbian president that police officials in some key positions are not committed to protecting the public against serious organized crime. In response, the prime minister replaced five chiefs of departments in the Ministry of … Continue reading

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