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Canada recognizes National Peacekeepers Day

This statement from the RCMP acting commissioner commemorates National Peacekeepers Day and thanks the 87 Canadian police currently serving missions in Colombia, Haiti, Ukraine, Palestine, and Iraq. He notes that these officers “work closely with domestic and international partners to … Continue reading

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Attestation completed in Ukraine

Ukraine has been implementing significant police reform over the last two years. New patrol police were recruited, trained, and deployed in 32 cities followed by an attestation process to determine which of the 100,000+ members of the former militsiya were … Continue reading

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Migrant smuggling prices and exploitation rise

This article cites Europol that migrant smuggling into Europe has gotten more costly in the last 6 months, routes are longer, and reports of labor exploitation are up, probably as a means of paying the higher prices. Smugglers are often … Continue reading

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Women on patrol in Ukraine

The new patrol police in Ukraine has about 30% women. This brief video covers a photo exhibit meant to highlight the new roles that women are playing.

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Ukraine starts next phase of police reform

Since July several thousand newly-hired patrol police have begun working in Ukraine’s major cities. A process has now begun to re-test some 150,000 existing militia members to determine which will be admitted into the new police and which will be … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s new patrol police

This article describes the implementation of new patrol police in Ukraine, replacing the former traffic police and patrol militsiya. The new police have begun working in Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv and are in training in several other cities.

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New patrol police in Ukraine

Ukraine plans to replace its existing Soviet-style traffic police with a new patrol police operating along Western lines. This article describes hiring and training for the patrol police in Kiev, due to start work in about a month, followed by several … Continue reading

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