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Trafficking in Sicilian antiquities

This article reports the culmination of a 4-year antiquities investigation in Europe resulting in 43 arrests and recovery of 25,000 archaeological items valued at $47 million. This blog post provides further information on the case, which focused on Roman and … Continue reading

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Drug trafficking via Spain

This article details shifts in the trafficking of drugs from Latin America to Europe and discusses investigative cooperation between the U.S. and Spain. Smuggling from Colombia and Venezuela through Caribbean countries, especially the Dominican Republic, has increased in recent years … Continue reading

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Researchers in the ranks

This article reports the recent conference of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, which mainly featured current police officers presenting results from their own research. The organization, just a few years old, mirrors similar ones in the UK, Canada, Australia/New … Continue reading

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Brexit & Europol

This column reviews the arguments in favor of maintaining UK membership in Europol despite its proposed exit from the European Union. The latter’s official position is that Britain could no longer be a Europol member if it leaves the EU. … Continue reading

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UK considers arming rural police

This article reports consideration being given to arming police in rural areas of the UK. There are currently about 10,000 armed officers in the country (well below 10% of all police) but their response time to a terrorist or active … Continue reading

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Facial recognition “staggeringly inaccurate”

This article reports tests of facial recognition technology by UK police. So far, London has seen 98% false IDs and Wales over 90%, leading critics to call it “staggeringly inaccurate.” The position of the country’s oversight commissioner is “these new … Continue reading

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DNA hit of the year

Information about the 2018 “DNA hit of the year,” involving a familial match to a 1984 UK murder, is posted here. This year’s runner-up cases were submitted from Montenegro, China, and the U.S. The 2017 winning case, from Italy, is … Continue reading

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