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Police leadership review in the UK

As part of its annual review of the country’s police services, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has issued its 2017 leadership report, available here, focused on four themes: fair and ethical leadership, overseeing cultural change, workforce development, and taking effective … Continue reading

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Private police in the UK

According to this article, “A firm led by former Scotland Yard senior officers has successfully prosecuted more than 400 criminals and is now carrying out murder inquiries,” has a 100% conviction rate, and offers a “My Local Bobby” patrol and … Continue reading

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Ambulance data reveal unreported violence

This column reports a study in the UK that found up to 90% of ambulance calls for incidents involving violence were not represented in police data. The implication is that police and community-safety initiatives should make greater use of ambulance … Continue reading

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Lone operators dominate people smuggling from Africa

This article reports a new study that disputes the common view that organized crime groups dominate people smuggling from Africa to Europe. Focusing on the disastrous 2013 shipwreck off Italy in which 360 migrants died, the study found 292 people … Continue reading

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3D printing — implications & applications

This article explains how 3D printing works and provides numerous examples of its use in committing as well as investigating crimes. As the authors note, “You can purchase a basic 3D printer, which fits on a desk, for well under … Continue reading

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Better interviewing & interrogation

Here’s an interview with a Norwegian former homicide investigator who has studied suspect interviewing techniques around the world and applied them during his police career, starting with the UK’s PEACE model and adding strategic elements. The key is to foster … Continue reading

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Director, Police Learning & Transformation Programme

The UK’s Open University is advertising for a Director, Police Learning & Transformation Programme to lead a project aimed at “improving the quality of police learning and development departments of police forces across England and Wales.” The deadline for applications … Continue reading

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