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Rural crime watch and citizen patrols in Canada

This article reports increased public involvement in crime prevention in rural areas of Alberta, Canada, where reported crime increased 41% from 2013 to 2017. Residents cite limited RCMP coverage and long response times among their concerns. New citizens-on-patrol groups are … Continue reading

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Custom Blackberry CEO busted

This article reports a multi-national investigation by the U.S., Canada, and Australia into a company that provided custom Blackberry devices for secure communication within private networks, with encryption and remote “wiping” if a phone was seized by authorities. About 20,000 … Continue reading

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Contract Mounties

About 65% of Canada’s RCMP officers serve in municipalities that have contracted with the national government for their police service. This article analyzes the situation in the province of British Columbia, where cities with their own police departments tend to … Continue reading

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2017 corruption perceptions index

The 2017 public sector corruption index from Transparency International,┬ábased on perceptions of experts and businesspeople, is available here. Best in the world is New Zealand, worst is Somalia. Here are the best & worst world rankings by region: Africa — … Continue reading

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Lone operators dominate people smuggling from Africa

This article reports a new study that disputes the common view that organized crime groups dominate people smuggling from Africa to Europe. Focusing on the disastrous 2013 shipwreck off Italy in which 360 migrants died, the study found 292 people … Continue reading

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Domestic violence in Canada

This article presents a variety of information on domestic violence in Canada. Saskatchewan has the highest rate of reported offenses, nearly 3 times higher than Ontario, which has seen declining self-reported spousal abuse since 2004. According to an academic expert, … Continue reading

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Better interviewing & interrogation

Here’s an interview with a Norwegian former homicide investigator who has studied suspect interviewing techniques around the world and applied them during his police career, starting with the UK’s PEACE model and adding strategic elements. The key is to foster … Continue reading

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