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One size doesn’t fit all

This policy brief identifies 4 scenarios with different implications for police reform in post-conflict situations. Experts stress the importance of taking local circumstances into account, but it is not always recognized — “in mission after mission … training programs¬†have been … Continue reading

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Terrorism at lowest level since 2002

Global terrorism has been decreasing steadily since 2002. The number of terror attacks decreased 19.8% in 2017, following drops of 9.2% and 11.5% in the preceding two years, according to this article. Terrorism-related deaths declined 24.2% in 2017 following drops … Continue reading

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UN police missions

UN police commissioners recently gave an extensive briefing focused especially on missions in Haiti, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Video of the full 2-hour briefing with responses and comments from various country representatives is here. Topics … Continue reading

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Police reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This report evaluates a UK-funded police accountability and reform project implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo during 2010-2015. Results indicate that police behavior was positively affected, community engagement increased, and citizen perceptions of crime and safety improved. Sustainability beyond … Continue reading

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